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Love Notes Box Frame

I love doing Valentine’s Day crafts!  And Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  This particular craft is made using my Cricut Explore Air 2.  So, for this craft, I made a Love Notes Box Frame. I thought it would be fun to put the popular saying “How I love thee, Let me count the ways” on the box!   It’s a cute way to tell my hubby the different ways I love him.  

Cricut (any Explore or Maker works)
Circuit Cutting Mat
How I love thee, Let me count the ways! SVG File
Red Cardstock
Red Cricut Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Shadowbox Frame
Felt (I used Kunin’s Coordinates Red Hearts on White Felt)
Beacon Felt Glue
Drill with a Drill Bit

How I made it:
I used my drill and cut a 1 inch hole in the top of my frame so that I could insert the hearts one at at time as I wrote them out.  

Then I cut my cut files with the Cricut.  The hearts are from the Cricut shapes. I made them 2 inches.  The “How I love thee…..” quote is one that I put together in Illustrator and converted to and svg.  You can find it in the materials listed above!  

Once my quote was cut out, I used transfer tape to place it on the glass. 

Using the mat that came in the frame, I cut my felt to size and then glued it to backing of the frame.

I inserted the backing of the frame into the frame body and then it was done!!!!   

Then it was time to write my little love notes, or ways that I love my hubby and then put them into the box!   I love this idea and I can’t wait for him to read all the reasons why I love him!!!!

I hope you love this as much as I do!   Click the photos below to check out other Cricut Valentine’s Day ideas!!!!