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CHA 2014 – Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show!


Thanks to my great friend Laura Kelly, I had the privilege of attending CHA this year in Anaheim, CA!  For those of you that are unfamiliar, CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association.  Every year, they have a huge conference and trade show for exhibitors, buyers and designers in the craft and hobby industry.  I got to meet so many great people, see so many great products and even got to bring home some of those awesome products!  I even made my very first trip to Disney!!!  Stay tuned for more details of my trip to Anaheim and the great CHA!!!!!

Until next time…….


A Whole New Year


So, as I was a new blogger in the year of 2013, I have just recently updated my blog site and I can do a whole lot more with it now.  With that being said, 2014 is going to be the year that I start blogging more.   You do not see many blog post yet, as my past ones were in 2013 and it’s only January 3, 2014 and some updates are still taking place!

Life is about to get super busy for the Berry Family.   I am starting my final semester of school, taking three classes.  One of which, I have already been informed by my professor that it is going to be a super intense class.  But it is my most important class of the semester, Portfolio.   The hubby is changing his schedule around a little bit to help with getting the kids taken care of during the mornings and allowing me to get to school in the evenings.  I will gladly walk across the stage at the May 2014 graduation!!!

I am also continuing to intern for my fabulous friend, Laura Kelly.  We are getting ready to make the long trip to Anaheim, CA for a week to go to the CHA Mega Show where we will meet lots of new people, some Laura already knows through her many trips to CHA.  Oh, I will most definitely blog through my trip for it will be the first time that I have set foot out of a CA airport!!   Most of all, I am hoping that the hubby can survive the 8 days that I am gone!!!

Our family is also planning a trip to Disney for later in the year.  We are super excited about that.  My awesome friend Heather has offered to help plan that trip for us.   And the fact that Landon is in year round school and is tracked out in September is awesome, since everyone else will be going back to school and the lines should be shorter!!!

Besides Disney, we are planning our yearly beach vacation.  Our destination this year is a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law and my two adorable nieces!   As commercialized as it is there, there is still lots of fun stuff to do there!   We also have tickets to the US Open Championship in Pinehurst, NC in June.   All of my boys love golf and the US Open Championship on comes to NC every so often.   We’ll get to see some of our favorites!  We also plan to drive back up to Rochester, NY to spend more time with our family there.  We’ll probably venture to the zoo, the museums, and back to Niagara Falls and go over into Canada for a short visit!

I’d say that is a pretty busy year so far!   Keep a look out for upcoming post!

Until next time……