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Adorable Little Ornaments Blog Hop!!!!


I have to say that after making ornaments with Sculpey Clay, I am in love!!!!   So, what better way to have some fun than to add buttons from Laura Kelly’s collection from Buttons Galore & More?!?!   I had fun creating and so did my six year old son, Landon!!!    I created some traditional style ornaments with the clay and added buttons to embellish!!

Materials Needed:

Sculpey Clay

Laura Kelly Buttons

Felt (for the scarf)

A straw (to make a hole for the hook)

Pipe Cleaner


While I was making my ornaments with Sculpey clay, Landon wanted to make some too!   I love his creative ideas!


One of my favorite ornaments is a snowman.  Who doesn’t love a snowman?!?!  They are simple and just too cute!


After I was all done with my snowman and he was baked at the recommended baking time and temperature, I decided to give him some earmuffs!!


Here are two other cute ornaments I made:


I always have fun participating in blog hops!  They are so much fun and it’s great to see how creative others are!  I hope you like my ornaments!

Hop over to Laura Kelly’s blog to check out other ornaments for the Adorable Little Ornament Blog Hop!!!

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