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For The Love of Coffee Felt Coffee Cozy

It’s Craft Lightning time again and this one is using felt!   I absolutely LOVE felt.  I’m even on the Kunin Felt Design Team and use felt frequently!!!!  I just recently made a felt coffee gift card holder with a coffee cup on it and I thought that same coffee cup would be super cute on a coffee cozy.  With that, I made a For The Love of Coffee Felt Coffee Cozy!!!  Check it out!

Materials Needed:

9″ x 12″ craft cut of Kunin Coordinates Felt White Dot on Lagoon
9″ x 12″ craft cut of Kunin Classic Felt in White and Red
9″ x 12″ craft cut of Kunin Corduroy Felt in Sandstone and Charcoal 
Coffee Cozy Pattern
Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks

How I made it:

1. Print out the pattern and cut the pieces out.

2.  Cut the felt pieces out using the pattern pieces.

3.  Using your hot glue gun and hot glue stick glue the coffee cup together and then glue it to the middle of the cozy.

4. Using a coffee cup, wrap the cozy around the cup to determine where your velcro pieces need to go.  Attach the velcro to the front of one end of the cozy and the other piece to the back of the other end.

5. Place the cozy around your favorite cup and enjoy!!!

Hope you enjoyed this coffee cozy tutorial.  With the weather being so cold, I’ve been really enjoying coffee!  Now I have this adorable little For The Love of Coffee Felt Coffee Cozy!

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Until next time……