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Freedom Felt Banner

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It’s Craft Lightning time again and this one is Patriotic Crafts!  This Freedom Felt Banner was super easy and took barely anytime to make!   And I love a cute seasonal banner!

How to make it:

  1.  Using the die cutting machine, cutting pads and dies, cut out each of your pieces!  I cut seven bookmarks, seven badges and the letters to spell Freedom.  I used the rectangular badge because I thought it looked like a burst from a firework!
  2. Assemble your pieces so that you know where your want to glue them!  
  3. Glue your pieces and buttons to the bookmark.
  4. Let dry!
  5. Using twine and small clothespins, hang them up to create a patriotic felt banner! Easy Peasy!!!   Now I have a banner for Memorial Day as well as the 4th of July!  Hope you like this Craft Lightning project!   Be sure to click the photo below and check out other Patriotic Craft Lightning projects!


Initial Cork Boards

Sometimes cork boards can look boring and blah.  I decided to brighten them up!  These Initial Cork Boards were super easy and turned out super cool!

4 Cork Tiles
Letter Stencils
Exact-o Knife
Pins to hold the letters in place
Spray Paint
Command Strips
Using my Sizzix Eclips2, I cut out the letters “K” and “B”.  Using pins, I placed my letters on the cork boards.  Then, I used an Exact-o Knife to cut the letters out.
I chose two different colors of Krylon and spray painted the boards.  Krylon is by far my favorite brand of spray paint and these two colors are from the 2015 color palette!  
hot glue
Once my boards were dry, I used my hot glue gun to glue the letter boards to the solid ones.  Then I attached a Command Strip to the back and hung them on the wall.
command strip
These cork boards added a nice pop of color to my workspace!  Hope you like!

Until next time……

Craft Lightning Paint Chip Pumpkin Card and Party Bag

I’m so excited to be joining 15 minute Craft Lightning again!   The theme for this Craft Lightning by The Country Chic Cottage, 30 Minute Crafts and 100 Directions is Halloween!   My 15 minute craft was inspired by my awesome friend Laura Kelly!
Paint Chip Pumpkins
If you are like me, you probably have paint chips lying around in your house!  These orange, black and brown ones were perfect for these quick and super easy Paint Chip Pumpkins! materials
All you have to do is create your little pumpkin with the paint chips, goggly eyes, ribbon and glue (I used Aleene’s!) and stick it right on to your blank card!   And then write you a spooky little note inside!
The same was done here using a cute little brown paper party bag!  Perfect for Halloween Party Goody Bags!   Inside this little party bag are a few little Halloween Lollipops from Lollipics! bag
Hope you liked these cute little Paint Chip Pumpkin Card and Bag decorations!    These are quick and easy and perfect for the little ones to do!

Until next time……..

Be Mine Crafty – MineCraft Valentine’s

It’s finally the week of Valentine’s Day!  And my boys are super obsessed with Minecraft, so this year they wanted Minecraft Valentine’s!  Well, after looking, homemade Minecarft Valentine’s were the only ones that could be found.  No stores sold them!  So, I decided to make them!   Final
Recently, I was sent a Sizzix Eclips2!  And let me tell you…..I AM IN LOVE!!!!!   It makes cutting super easy!  So, I created my little Minecraft creeper faces in Adobe Illustrator, which I have as a graphic designer.  I converted the file to an .SVG file, imported it into the ECal2 software that works with the Sizzix and got right to cutting!  I also cut black rectangles for the cards, green squares for the creepers face and white light card stock (not DCWV) squares for the inside of my cards, since the cards were black.  I used DCWV card stock, in which ACMoore sells and they sell it in a pack of 12×12 inches pieces.   creeper faces
Using Inkadinkado stamps and ink, I stamped the inside of the cards.  I knew that my treats were going to be a craft, so I used a crafty saying:  “Be Mine Crafty!”  Inkadinkado
After getting everything cut out for my cards, I used Aleene’s Tacky 2-sided adhesive sheets to put the cards together.  I just cut the sheets up into smaller pieces and it worked great! creeper card
So, the treats to go along with the cards are Make It Yourself Cards.  I included a green square, a creeper face, some hearts and some scrap pieces of the DCWV card stock from what had already been cut. paperandhearts
On the left over white scraps that I had from the squares inside my cards, I used my adorable Laura Kelly Self-Inking Stamp from!  How cute is that stamp?!?!
Then it was time to stuff my bags.  I just picked up some clear bags from the party section at Target.  I also got plain white cards with envelopes from ACMoore.  I also included an mini bottle of Aleene’s School Tacky Glue for their card making, a pencil, a small thing of bubbles and a pencil topper eraser!    I decided that I wanted this years Valentine’s to be Candy Free because we also end up having way too much candy anyway and it ends up going to waste.  I folded the bags and stapled a folded piece of DCWV card stock rectangle to close the bag and added the card and the piece white cardstock with my stamp on it to the front and back to cover the staples puttingtogetherbags
How cute did these turn out?   I hope the kids like them!   all shots My idea for a Make It Yourself Card idea came from my super crafty friend Mothership Scrapbook Gal, Rina Gonzales!  Check out her Facebook page and her Etsy Shop!!!!!

Until next time…..


The Gingerbread Bear Book and Sculpey and Scribbles Ornament

While walking through the Scholastics Book Fair at my oldest son’s school, I stumbled across The Gingerbread Bear book by Robert Dennis and Illustrated by Tammie Lyon.
In the story, a little girl and her mother are baking a gingerbread bear.  After daddy goes to work, mom goes into the garden to do some work and the little girl is left to watch after the oven.  Out of curiosity, the little girl opens the oven to have a look, and guess what happens?   Out jumps the Gingerbread Bear!   And away he runs……

Of course, no one can catch him, because after chanting “Run, Run, try if you dare.  You can’t catch me.  I’m the Gingerbread Bear!”, he runs away.  Throughout the book he runs into different people and animals that think they can catch him.  Gingerbread Bear is much to quick for them.
You have to read the book to find out what happens at the end!   What a cute little change up to the Gingerbread Man.   My boys loved it!  The illustrations were awesome!

After we read the book, we decided to make our own Gingerbread Bears, using Sculpey clay and Scribbles paint.
We picked out a brown Sculpey clay, ran it through the clay conditioning machine and then used our gingerbread man cookie cutter to cut them out.   After we had them cut out, I used a sharp pick to punch a whole in the top of their heads for ribbon.  Then it was time to bake them.  I stuck them in the oven for about 13 minutes. gingerbreadbear
Once they came out of the oven and cooled, We used Ilovetocreate’s Scribbles Fabric Paint (yes, I know it’s fabric paint, but it works on other things too!) to decorate our gingerbread bears! Scribbles
Once they were dry, they were ready for ribbon and then to be hung on the tree! 🙂 complete So, go out and pick up this adorable book.   The kids are sure to love it!   And then go get some Sculpey clay and a gingerbread man cookie cutter and create your own Gingerbread Bear!

Check out these other Christmas time books to read with kids:

  And the enter to win a great prize! a Rafflecopter giveaway
Until next time…….

Button Christmas Tree Earrings

Check out these adorable Button Christmas Tree Earrings that I made using Laura Kelly’s collection of buttons from Buttons Galore and More!   I have a great love for buttons and Laura’s are awesome!
Materials used:
Laura Kelly Buttons from Buttons Galore & More
Head Pins
Earring Hooks
Round Nose Pliers
First, I started out by picking out my buttons.  I made sure that the green ones were somewhat graduated, so that they made a tree shape.  Then, I chose some brown ones for the trunk and then yellow to represent the star.  Once I laid them out the way I wanted them, I placed them on the head pin. makingthetree
When all of my buttons were on the head pin, I used my round nose pliers to create a loop.  I then opened up the end of the earring hook and placed it on the head pin loop and then closed it using the pliers.  Then I did the other one the same way! earring
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!   And they turned out super cute!   I plan to wear them a lot during the month of December! earrings Hope you liked my Button Christmas Tree Earrings!   Now you can make your own!

Until next time……….

Sculpey Necklace and Earrings

Clay is not just for kids!  I have always loved to work with clay.   And Sculpey is such an awesome clay to work with!   It’s soft and really easy to use.   And come in some really awesome colors!

Below is a picture of the necklace and earrings that I made!
The materials used for this project are as follows:
SculpeyIII Oven Bake Clay
Sculpey Acrylic Roller
Sculpey Super Slicer
Premo! Circle Cutters
Sculpey Bead Baking Rack
Sculpey Bead Making Kit
Sculpey Gloss Glaze
Paint Brush
Clay Conditioning Machine
Hook Earrings
Thin Head Pins
Rope Necklace
Round Nose Pliers
It’s always important to run your clay through a clay conditioning machine to make sure you get all of the air pockets out of the clay, so that it doesn’t break after it’s baked.  I ran my three different colors through multiple times before I got started.
I rolled my three colors out at the largest opening that the conditioning machine would allow.  Once they were rolled out, I piled them up and then cut to make a rectangle.  I made sure to press them together really good so that the air pockets were released.  Next, I began to roll the clay to make a cane.
getting started
I had a little helper.  He used my trimmings to play with the conditioning machine.  It provided about an hour of fun with just the little bit of leftovers that there were!   He just kept running it through the machine!
Once the cane was rolled, I gave the cane a squeeze to once again remove any air pockets.  Using my hand, I continued to rolled slightly pushing outward to make the cane longer and thinner. rolling
Using the Sculpey Super Slicer, I cut .25″ pieces off of the cane.   I rolled out a piece of white clay and then placed the slices on the white piece.  I didn’t make any specific design.  I just organized them the all fit, with barely any white showing.  The white was more for the back. slices
Using the Sculpey Acrylic Roller, I lightly began to roll over the slices, lightly applying pressure so that the slices began to mold together. flattened
Once I had rolled it out to my liking, I used the Premo! Graduated Circle Cutters to cut two different size circles, one for the necklace and two for the earrings.  I then used a smaller circle cutter to cut a hole near the tops of the my circles. cuts
Once they were cut, I used the clay baking cushion from the Sculpey Bead Making kit to bake the pieces on.   The two pieces on the baking rack are for another project! bake
After the pieces were baked and cooled, I used the Sculpey Gloss Glaze and a paint brush to create a glossy look! glass glaze
Once the glaze was dry, I used a cord necklace to loop through the larger piece to create a necklace. final necklace
Then I used the thin head pins, the round nose pliers and the earring hooks to create my earrings! Earrings
And now they are ready to wear!  And these just happen to be the perfect colors for my favorite football team!   They are perfect for Game Day!! Final I hope that you like my Sculpey Necklace and Earrings!

Tulip For Your Home

I love Tulip brand by ilovetocreate!  I have been using this brand forever!  This project is a Tulip For Your Home project. It is a pillow that I decorated with a Tulip stencil and Tulip Soft Fabric Paint.   Below is a photo of everything that I used for this project, with the addition of FrogTape to help create my Chevron background.
Tulip Pillow Cover
Tulip Paint Roller
Tulip Textile Stencil
Tulip Stencil Spray Adhesive
Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint
So, using the Chevron FrogTape, I created a Chevron pattern.  I did my placing with the backing still on before I actually removed the paper and stuck it to my pillow. FrogTape
Once I was done placing my chevron pattern, I laid the owl stencil onto and then marked where my owl overlapped the FrogTape.  I only marked the tape, not the pillow.  After I made my marks, I removed the stencil and cut a section of the tape out so that I’d not have the chevron pattern behind my owl. owl cutout
Using my roller, I applied the fabric paint around the cut out where my owl will be placed. painting chevron
After the paint dries, I removed the chevron FrogTape. readyforowl
Using my Tulip Stencil Spray Adhesive, I sprayed it on the back of the stencil and placed it in the open space on the pillow.   Don’t worry if you misplace it, the spray allows you to reposition the stencil.  Then it was time to paint the owl.   I did this using the roller after I cleaned it. painted owl
Instead of using a pillow to insert into the cover, I used some Poly-fil that I had at home! polyfil
I am totally obsessed with the results of my decorative Tulip pillow!  It was super easy and super fun!   So, why not create your own fun decorative pillows instead of buying them!!! IMG_4768
I hope you liked my Chevron Owl Pillow made using Tulip For Your Home!

Simple Felt Fabric



Big Shot Sizzix Machine
Sizzix Wavy Frame Die
Kunin Felt
rope from a gift bag handles that I had in my stash.

First I cut four orange rectangles that my frames would fit on.


 Then, I cut my blue and green felt so that it was a little bigger than my die and added Phoomph to the back, only removing one side of the paper.  I ran it through the Big Shot with the die using the cutting pads. (To do it again, I would not cover the full back of the frame, so that when it is placed on the background, the photos could be changed out)


Then I had my frame cut outs.

frame cutouts

I removed the paper from the Phoomph that was on my orange piece of felt, added my rope to make a hanger and then placed a second piece of orange felt onto the Phoomph.

putting it together

I took a photo of my boys and cut them to a size that would fit within my frame leaving a little of the Phoomph exposed, removed the paper from the back of my frames, stuck the photo on and then applied it to my orange background.

photo and frame

Then I had these cute little frames to hang on the boys bedroom doors!  They could also be made with Christmas colors and be used as Christmas ornaments!  Or a gift for a grandparent!


Hope you like my simple felt frames!

Until next time…..




Buttons Galore & More Creations Pendant Kit


Buttons Galore & More has these really convenient Do it yourself jewelry making kits that are simple and fun!  This particular kit makes up to ten pendants for necklaces.  Everything is included except for the adhesive!  And the kit comes in a clear reusable box.


We are gearing up to go to Disney in the fall and I used that as my inspiration for the pendants that I created!

Final with me

The adhesive that I used was Beacon’s Dazzle-Tac Jewelry Glue.

BGM Kit pics

First, I came us with the pendants that I wanted to create.


Using the adhesive, I attached the silver bail to the back of the buttons.   For this pendant, I added two buttons to the front of the big button to make it look like Mickey Mouse!!!


Check out the pendants that I came up with!   Two Mickey Mouse inspired pendants and two simple pendants!   Then I added them to the black cords that were included!


Until next time……..