Button Christmas Tree Earrings

Check out these adorable Button Christmas Tree Earrings that I made using Laura Kelly’s collection of buttons from Buttons Galore and More!   I have a great love for buttons and Laura’s are awesome!
Materials used:
Laura Kelly Buttons from Buttons Galore & More
Head Pins
Earring Hooks
Round Nose Pliers
First, I started out by picking out my buttons.  I made sure that the green ones were somewhat graduated, so that they made a tree shape.  Then, I chose some brown ones for the trunk and then yellow to represent the star.  Once I laid them out the way I wanted them, I placed them on the head pin. makingthetree
When all of my buttons were on the head pin, I used my round nose pliers to create a loop.  I then opened up the end of the earring hook and placed it on the head pin loop and then closed it using the pliers.  Then I did the other one the same way! earring
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!   And they turned out super cute!   I plan to wear them a lot during the month of December! earrings Hope you liked my Button Christmas Tree Earrings!   Now you can make your own!

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