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Kunin Felt Embroidery Hoop Art

Sometimes I like to be a little unconventional!   This time it’s with a Valentine’s Day Card!  I’m participating in a Valentine’s Day DIY Card Swap!   So, for this Card Swap, I made an Embroidery Hoop Art that can be displayed using Kunin Felt!


Materials Needed:
Embroidery Hoop (I used a 4 inch)
Pink and White Felt (Kunin Felt)
Beacon Felt Glue
Tulip Fabric Paint

Felt In Hoop


1.  I placed the felt in the hoop and tightened the screw.

2.  Once the fabric was pulled tight, I trimmed the extra felt.

Glue and Paint

3.  From the white felt, I cut a heart and the letters to spell “LOVE”.  

4.  Using Beacon Felt Glue, I glued them down.

5. Using Tulip Slick Fabric Paint, I added some details.

6.  Let dry and then it’s ready to be put in the mail to a special person!

Here is one that I made for the Designer Section Share The Heart Free Art Project at Creativation in Phoenix, AZ last month.  Pieces of Art with a Heart made by the CHA Designers placed art around the show and people could find it and keep it!  My friend Laura Kelly was the one to find mine!  For this one, I used Laura Kelly’s Lemonade Alphabet and Heart #5 dies from Sizzix.


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Also, here is a more traditional Valentine’s Day Card!  Click the photo to check it out!

Heart Card

Hope you enjoyed this Embroidery Hoop Art!  Until next time….



Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Card

Disclaimer:  This post contains an affiliate link.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Need a super easy card?  Here is one for you!  It’s a Valentine’s Day Heart Card!

Heart Card

Materials Need:
Ellison SuperStar Machine
Cutting Pads
Laura Kelly’s Sizzix Heart #5
White Card Stock
Cute Valentin’e Day Card Stock
Tape Runner



  1.  First, using the Ellison SuperStar Machine, the cutting dies, the heart die and your cute Valentine’s Day paper, cut a heart.  Be sure to place your paper cute side down.
  2. Fold your piece of white card stock in half.  
  3. Place the folded side down at the top of the heart, moving it down to right below the cut lines of the heart.  This will create the fold in your heart card.
  4. You may need to trim off the extra paper on the sides.
  5. Place the die and paper on the cutting pads and run it through the machine.
  6. This step is important:   See which side of your fold card heart matches up to the cute card stock heart.
  7. Using a tape runner, place tape on the front part of your white card stock. 
  8. Place the cute card stock heart on the front side of the card, making sure to line it up with the bottom of the heart.  Know that the top of the card and the cute card stock will not touch because you created that fold below the cut line of the die.
  9. Write a sweet little note inside and send it to someone special!

Hope you like this cute and super easy Valentine’s Day Heart Card!  

Until next time…..

Kunin Felt Love Banner

Disclosure:   This blog post contains one or more affiliate links.

It’s time for the Valentine’s Day Craft Lightning series!   And since I’m obsessed with banners lately, this was an easy one for me!  It really takes less than 15 minute and even the kids can help out with it.


Materials needed:
Sizzix Cutting Machine (I use a Big Shot)
Kunin Felt

Felt Glue (I use Beacon’s)
Jute Rope
Clothespins (I like the medium sized ones)

Step 1:  Using the Big Shot machine and dies, I cut all of my pieces.  Lori Whitlock’s Banner die is my favorite die ever, especially with the banner craze that I have right now!!!!   I also love Laura Kelly’s Lemonade Alphabet!   The Sizzix Wavy Frame is so versatile!   I cut the frame out in two different felt colors.  


Step 2:   Lay your design out.  At first, I wasn’t going to add the inside of the frame piece, but then I decide to.  I like it!  Once you have it laid out the way you want it, glue it all down.  I glued the frames down first and then added the letters.

Glue Time

Step 3:  Let it dry and then add it to your jute rope using clothes pins.  Then hang it up!  Another option is to cut small cuts into the top of your felt banner and then slide it onto the jute rope.  I like the clothespins, simply for the fact that I like to make banners for different occasions and I can just switch them out!  I love to use Command Strips to hang up my banners.   They are easy to remove and you can put them wherever you want!

clips and rope

I hope you like this adorable LOVE banner made from Kunin Felt.  

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Love Shack Camper


Eileen Hull is one of the coolest people I know!  She has a travel trailer named Scotty that she travels across the country in going to different scrapbooking stores on her Paper Trail.    Eileen also has a die cut line with Sizzix.   I’ve gotten to know Eileen over the years from events like CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show) and SNAP (blogging conference) and I am amazed at her creativity.  One of my favorite dies by Eileen is her Travel Trailer.  My friend Rina, also known as Mothership Scrapbook Gal, is on Eileen’s Inspiration Team and sent me the trailer die cuts so that I could have fun designing my own Travel Trailer!  The trailer is cut from Matboard, which is a thick paper material and is very sturdy and great for 3D projects.  I decided that I wanted mine to be a Love Shack!


Using American Crafts Valentine paper that I purchased from AC Moore and my exacto knife, I did some measurements and cut my paper selections to the size of the die cut outs.  I used Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive to adhere the paper to the trailer pieces.

covering with paper

After all of my paper pieces were on my die cut pieces, I constructed the trailer.  Instructions on how the camper was put together can be found here on the Sizzix website.

Hope you like my little Love Shack!  It’s perfect for a Valentine’s decoration!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time…….

ShrinkFilm “Love” Bracelet

Valentine’s Day is the Day of Love!   This ShrinkFilm “Love” Bracelet is perfect to wear for the day or to even give to a friend or Love as a gift!   bracelet final
Like with my ShrinkFilm “Love” Earrings, I used my Sizzix Eclips2 and ShrinkFilm that I purchased from A.C.Moore to cut my hearts out.  It was easy, quick and all of my hearts were the same size!
shrink film
Using a hole punch, I cut two holes from my hearts, one on each side.  Then with a Sharpie permanent marker, I drew and outline and wrote the word Love.  Once they were all colored, I placed them in the toaster oven for 2-3 minutes and then they were ready to be put together as a bracelet.
coloring - bracelet
Using larger jump rings and my round nose pliers, I attached each heart to together forming a bracelet.  On each end, I added a toggle piece.  For it to fit my wrist correctly, I added and then removed a heart just to make sure it wasn’t too big or too small.
putting together bracelet
Hope you like my “Love” Bracelet.   I “LOVE” it!  Be sure to click here to check out my ShrinkFilm “Love” Earrings that match!

Until next time……

ShrinkFilm “Love” Earrings

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!   These ShrinkFilm “Love” Earrings are perfect for the day of LOVE!   They were super easy and turned out super cute! earrings final
Using my Sizzix Eclips2 and ShrinkFilm that I purchased from A.C.Moore, I cut out a bunch of hearts.   The Eclips2 was so quick at cutting all of the hearts and they were all the same size!   
shrink film
Using just a regular hole punch, I went ahead and punched my holes, only one per heart.   Then I used a Sharpie permanent marker to draw an outline and the word Love.   Next it was time to put my hearts into the toaster oven and watch them shrink.  It amazes me every time that it only takes 2-3 minutes for it to shrink!
I keep a stash of earrings and jump rings in my supplies.   Using my round nose pliers, I added my jump rings (two to each heart) and placed them on my earrings.
putting together earrings
I love how they came out and I hope you like them too!    This cute pair of earrings took all of 15 minutes (maybe a little less) and they are perfect for Valentine’s Day!   Click here to check out a matching bracelet!

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Be Mine Crafty – MineCraft Valentine’s

It’s finally the week of Valentine’s Day!  And my boys are super obsessed with Minecraft, so this year they wanted Minecraft Valentine’s!  Well, after looking, homemade Minecarft Valentine’s were the only ones that could be found.  No stores sold them!  So, I decided to make them!   Final
Recently, I was sent a Sizzix Eclips2!  And let me tell you…..I AM IN LOVE!!!!!   It makes cutting super easy!  So, I created my little Minecraft creeper faces in Adobe Illustrator, which I have as a graphic designer.  I converted the file to an .SVG file, imported it into the ECal2 software that works with the Sizzix and got right to cutting!  I also cut black rectangles for the cards, green squares for the creepers face and white light card stock (not DCWV) squares for the inside of my cards, since the cards were black.  I used DCWV card stock, in which ACMoore sells and they sell it in a pack of 12×12 inches pieces.   creeper faces
Using Inkadinkado stamps and ink, I stamped the inside of the cards.  I knew that my treats were going to be a craft, so I used a crafty saying:  “Be Mine Crafty!”  Inkadinkado
After getting everything cut out for my cards, I used Aleene’s Tacky 2-sided adhesive sheets to put the cards together.  I just cut the sheets up into smaller pieces and it worked great! creeper card
So, the treats to go along with the cards are Make It Yourself Cards.  I included a green square, a creeper face, some hearts and some scrap pieces of the DCWV card stock from what had already been cut. paperandhearts
On the left over white scraps that I had from the squares inside my cards, I used my adorable Laura Kelly Self-Inking Stamp from!  How cute is that stamp?!?!
Then it was time to stuff my bags.  I just picked up some clear bags from the party section at Target.  I also got plain white cards with envelopes from ACMoore.  I also included an mini bottle of Aleene’s School Tacky Glue for their card making, a pencil, a small thing of bubbles and a pencil topper eraser!    I decided that I wanted this years Valentine’s to be Candy Free because we also end up having way too much candy anyway and it ends up going to waste.  I folded the bags and stapled a folded piece of DCWV card stock rectangle to close the bag and added the card and the piece white cardstock with my stamp on it to the front and back to cover the staples puttingtogetherbags
How cute did these turn out?   I hope the kids like them!   all shots My idea for a Make It Yourself Card idea came from my super crafty friend Mothership Scrapbook Gal, Rina Gonzales!  Check out her Facebook page and her Etsy Shop!!!!!

Until next time…..


Burlap Love Wreath

It’s February and the month of Love!  This Burlap Love Wreath makes me think of Love! wreath
Materials used:
A FloraCraft Foam Wreath
Burlap Ribbon
A 12×12 inch piece of burlap
Aleene’s Collage Pauge
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
A Tulip Paint Roller
Red Coats & Clark Embroidery Floss and Needle
White Buttons from Buttons Galore
Using Aleene’s Collage Pauge and water, I added 3/4 Collage Pauge to 1/4 water to a plastic container.  It’s the formula usually used for Paper Mache.  I wanted to stiffen the burlap a little and to help it to keep from unraveling.  Once I soaked all of my pieces, I let them dry. burlap
Using a Tulip Foam Roller and Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, I painted the 12×12 inch piece of burlap.  I then let that dry. painting
Once my paint dried, I cut out two hearts.  I basically folded the fabric in half, cutting two hearts at once.  Using Embroidery floss and a needle, I sewed the two hearts together, paint sides out.  Before I sewed the heart all the way, I stuffed it with some felt scraps that I had left over from another project.  Then, I closed up the heart by sewing all the way around. heart
Using the burlap ribbon, I wrapped it around the foam wreath and used embroidery floss to sew the end of the ribbon to the the beginning to hold it in place. burlapwrap
From the scraps of painted burlap, I cut out red circles.  Using the embroidery floss, I added the white buttons to the center of the red pieces and attached them to the burlap on the wreath.  I tied them off on the front adding just a little color to the white buttons. dotsandbuttons
This lovely wreath is now hanging on my front door!  And I LOVE that it reminds me of LOVE!!! wreath
I hope that your February is filled with lots of love!  And I hope that you like my Burlap Love Wreath!

Until next time……


Kunin Felt Love Banner

I love a cute felt banner, and I love making them using Kunin Felt!   Isn’t this Love Banner super adorable!   And it was super simple! Final Banner
The materials that I used to make this banner were:
Kunin Red Felt
Kunin Glitter Felt
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive Sheets
A Sizzix Frame Die (I used a wavy frame)
Sizzix Big Shot
Offray red with white polka dot ribbon
Eyelet Pliers and red eyelets
Rotary Cutter, Cutting Ruler and Cutting Mat materials
First, I applied the Aleene’s fabric fusion sheets to the back of my Kunin Glitter Felt and then cut it into smaller pieces.  I got 5 pieces out of one sheet.  I made sure that they were big enough to fit onto the die. fabric fusion
Using the Sizzix Wavy Frame Die, I placed it on my cutting pads.  Then, I placed my felt on the die making sure that I completely covered the frame cutout.  Next, I placed the top cutting pad over it and then ran it through the big shot die cutting machine.    frames
Using the middle pieces of the frame, I cut out two hearts and the letters L, O, V, E by hand. Love Letters

Using my rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler, I cut out 5″ x 6″ rectangles. blocks
Once I had everything cut out, I peeled the paper off the back of the frames and stuck them on my red rectangle pieces, placing it closer to the bottom so that I had space to add my eyelets at the top. putting it together
Using my eyelet pliers, I placed two eyelets at the top of my red felt rectangles.  Once I had two eyelets on each piece, I ran my red and white polkadot ribbon through front the backs. eyelet punch

And it made this super cute and super easy banner!   Final Banner If you don’t have die cuts or die cut machines, you can still create this banner, making your own frames by hand.  The Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Sheets make it a sewing free project!  And, you don’t necessarily have to put eyelets on the pieces.  You could just cut small holes to thread your ribbon through!

I hope you like my Love banner as much as I do!

Until next time……



Huggable Felt Heart Softie

This Huggable Felt Heart Softie made with Kunin felt is super cute and super snuggly! Felt Heart Softie
The materials that I used for this Huggable Felt Heart Softie:
Kunin Felt : Red, White and Pink
Thread and my sewing machine
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion
Poly-fil quilt batting

Click the link for the pattern and instructions on how I made my Huggable Felt Heart Softie:    Pillow Pattern
As you can see from the picture below, Benjamin is already snuggling up to it!
Hope you like my Huggable Felt Heart Softie!  I love working with Kunin felt!

Until next time…..