ShrinkFilm “Love” Bracelet

Valentine’s Day is the Day of Love!   This ShrinkFilm “Love” Bracelet is perfect to wear for the day or to even give to a friend or Love as a gift!   bracelet final
Like with my ShrinkFilm “Love” Earrings, I used my Sizzix Eclips2 and ShrinkFilm that I purchased from A.C.Moore to cut my hearts out.  It was easy, quick and all of my hearts were the same size!
shrink film
Using a hole punch, I cut two holes from my hearts, one on each side.  Then with a Sharpie permanent marker, I drew and outline and wrote the word Love.  Once they were all colored, I placed them in the toaster oven for 2-3 minutes and then they were ready to be put together as a bracelet.
coloring - bracelet
Using larger jump rings and my round nose pliers, I attached each heart to together forming a bracelet.  On each end, I added a toggle piece.  For it to fit my wrist correctly, I added and then removed a heart just to make sure it wasn’t too big or too small.
putting together bracelet
Hope you like my “Love” Bracelet.   I “LOVE” it!  Be sure to click here to check out my ShrinkFilm “Love” Earrings that match!

Until next time……

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