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Initial Cork Boards

Sometimes cork boards can look boring and blah.  I decided to brighten them up!  These Initial Cork Boards were super easy and turned out super cool!

4 Cork Tiles
Letter Stencils
Exact-o Knife
Pins to hold the letters in place
Spray Paint
Command Strips
Using my Sizzix Eclips2, I cut out the letters “K” and “B”.  Using pins, I placed my letters on the cork boards.  Then, I used an Exact-o Knife to cut the letters out.
I chose two different colors of Krylon and spray painted the boards.  Krylon is by far my favorite brand of spray paint and these two colors are from the 2015 color palette!  
hot glue
Once my boards were dry, I used my hot glue gun to glue the letter boards to the solid ones.  Then I attached a Command Strip to the back and hung them on the wall.
command strip
These cork boards added a nice pop of color to my workspace!  Hope you like!

Until next time……

Back To School Picture Frame

It’s time for Back To School at our house!  Everyone takes the “First Day of School” photos of their kids, so I thought I’d jazz up our first day of school photos.   I made this super easy “My first day of….” Photo Frame.  My children go to a year round school, so they are back at school this week.   My oldest is off to 3rd grade and my youngest is starting Kindergarten.   final
Stakes (I purchased these from ACMoore in the wood department)
Krylon ColorMaster Paint+Primer (Benjamin picked the color Iris)
Adtech Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Letters & Aleene’s Tacky Line Runner

Using the color Iris from Krylon’s 2015 color palette, I spray painted my stakes.  I did two coats.

Once my stakes were dry, I used my hot glue gun to glue my stakes together.   AdtechAndFrame
For the letters……you can use any store bought letters, cut your own by hand, or do what I did and use an electronic cutting machine.   I absolutely love my Sizzix Eclips2 and am constantly cutting letters!   I then used Aleene’s Tacky Line Runner to attach my letters to my frame. Letters
Once my letters were attached, it was time for the Kindergartener, Benjamin, to get behind the frame!
Once the school year is over, I remove the “first” and replace it with “last”.   And then, the next year, I change out the grade and replace “last” with “first” again.

Here is the one I made for my oldest son, Landon!
This project was made in 15 minutes or less for the Craft Lightning Back to School Blog Hop.  Click the Craft Lightning Button to check out some other 15 minutes or less Back to School Crafts!

Hope you liked my “My first day” Frame!

Until next time……