In my addiction to Pinterest, I came upon a sign to hang outside near the doorbell letting people know that the baby was sleeping. So, i decided to make my own!


And only those that have children and dogs may get this, but as a mother of two children and two dogs, I should have thought of this with my first child. My dogs bark at everything, especially when they hear footsteps on the stairs or when the doorbell rings. And if my youngest is sleeping, it usually wakes hims.

I remember once when Landon was about a year old, someone came around selling vacuums. It was just a short time after I had put him down for a nap, and guess what? That was one of his shortest naps for a one year old. I was not in a good mood after that.

Now, I have to keep my ears open and try to catch someone coming to the door before they hit the bottom stair just so the dogs don’t bark and wake Benjamin when the doorbell rings.

Here are just a few pictures of the process. First I purchased a wooden plaque at AC Moore as well as the starry scrapbook paper. I had some things at home. I painted just the edges because the rest wasn’t going to show.

I wrote my little saying on the scrapbook paper using a Sharpie marker and then used Mod Podge to glue it down. I then used an exacto knife to trim the edges.


I then covered it with a layer of Mod Podge because its going to be outside and I didn’t want the paper to get messed up. And then added some buttons to the front!
Using small screws, I put them into the back of the wood, created a decorative wire with ribbons and buttons and then attached it to the screws on the back of the wood.


And them it was complete and ready to hang up!! I love it and it will hang on my door until Benjamin is no longer taking an afternoon nap!!


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