Another Play Date Tie Dye!!

Who doesn’t love to tie dye?!?!  And who doesn’t love a tie dye shirt?!?!  I know my boys do!

Thanks to my friend Laura Kelly Walters of Laura Kelly Designs and her collection of Rit Dye, she has let us tie dye, not once but twice!

This particular play date only included Benjamin, since Landon is back in year round school.

Laura thought it would be a good idea to let Benjamin draw on the t-shirt first.  Then he demanded that she write his name on it!  It couldn’t be mommy, it had to be Mrs. “Wah-Wa”!!  Laura is a part of the Sharpie Squad, so she has her own personalized Sharpie markers!!!!


I did tie dye a shirt for myself, along with some fat quarters of white fabric that I purchased from A.C. Moore.

All you need is:   Rit dye, rubber bands, bowls or squirt bottles, boiling water and a plastic wrap or a ziploc bag (to heat set).  Oh, and some gloves so your fingers aren’t dyed!!

Rit process

Rit after 1

After we were done tie dying, we hung them to dry in the sun!

tie dye group 1 tie dye B

Using three colors: Teal, Green Apple and Fushia, I made this awesome swirl shirt for myself!

tie dye K

With this fat quarter, I placed a rubber band in the middle and then one on each corner.   Then I dipped half in each color.

tie dye fq 2

I love the how the swirl turned out on this fat quarter!

tie dye fq 1

Benjamin loves wearing his!   BENJAMINTYEDYE

Thank you again Laura for letting come Tie Dye with you!!  🙂  And for letting Benjamin play the Wii, even though he had no clue what he was doing!

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