Sunny Skies bring….

….Beautiful bits of Nature!!!

I love this time of year, when baby animals are born and flowers start to bloom!

This morning, I happened to walk by the window upstairs and caught a glimpse of a doe laying in the grass. It wasn’t until I got my camera, did I see a buck laying in the grass not far behind her.  And then while taking some pictures, another guy walked up!


This afternoon, the kids and I were outside enjoying the sunshine when I saw Maggie sniffing around a tree near the house and then I heard a little scurrying underneath the limbs of the tree. It was the little bunny rabbit that has been torturing the dogs for the last week or so. Unfortunately, his brother or sister did not make it. He was found under one of our bushes this past weekend.



I became quite the photographer after these pictures of the bunny!   Which, I am still afraid that he may not survive.  I did indeed contact the town to see if they had any suggestions for maybe relocating this little guy.  Unfortunately, their response did not offer any suggestions because it’s a wild animal and will either survive or not.  But anyways, I went on to photograph some other things throughout my backyard.

In the boys outdoor toy box, I discovered this big pile of leaves and sticks and such, so I picked it up hoping that something wasn’t living in it.  But guess what?  It was a birds nest, with eggs inside.  So, as soon as I realized what it was, it went back into it’s place and I am hoping that Mommy bird will come back to her lovely little pink and white eggs.



For some reason, this little guy likes to hang out in or around the sand box.  I know this is good because he keeps the spiders and other pesky insects away, but then to think he’s probably peeing all over the sand.  But oh well, he is a helpful little guy.  I have had to strongly encourage my children not to bother him, because if they were to get a hold of him, he may have bulging eyes and his life will probably be over.  Of course, I don’t tell them that, but I do tell that he likes to eat the bugs.   In the past, we used to put them in a bucket and guide them towards the shrubs in the natural area, but last year we discovered a snake living in the shrubs and we assumed it was because we were supplying him with the frogs that we were putting there.


We absolutely love our backyard.  If we never move, the backyard will be the reason we stay.  That and the cul-da-sac that we live in!  But our backyard is our favorite part of owning this house!  With the help of a landscape design friend, Victor did an awesome job, minus one plant that we can’t stand, the Nandina shrub.  It’s apparently in the bamboo family and it spreads and shoots up, everywhere and quickly.


We do have some very lovely plants though, especially the ones that bloom with pretty flowers.  I did discover today that our first day lily bloomed and there are many many more to come!   We have a very nice ice plant that has beautiful purple flowers and a few other plants that are in bloom.  Oh, and our hostas are full and will probably get much bigger!







I am so happy for the sunshine!   The weather has been a little blah lately, but I am hoping that warm weather and sunny skies are on the way!Hope everyone is having a very happy May.  My oldest will be turning 6 this Sunday and will be finished with Kindergarten at the end of May.  Until next time…….

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