Turning Six…..

This year Landon and I got to share a special day together.  His birthday is May 12th and this year it just happened to fall on Mother’s Day!!   But, so that everyone could spend the day with their moms, we had his birthday party the day before!

When it comes time for birthday parties, I usually let the boys pick their themes.  Well, for Landon’s sixth birthday, he wanted to take all of his friends fishing.  Now I love to fish but I am not sure that I wanted to go fishing with a bunch of little kids.  Could you imagine what that would be like?  I can only imagine kids getting hooked by the hook, the lines becoming a big tangled mess and maybe even some boredom!!

So, I brought the fishing to him with some cute little fishing themed goodies!

For the party favors, I made a can of worms for bait and tied a bag of Swedish Fish to the can for the Catch!

I found these cute little clear plastic paint cans at ACMoore, used blue grosgrain ribbon, cut out some little green circles, and used glue dots to attach everything to the bucket.

IMG_6596IMG_6598IMG_6601IMG_6609I then filled the cans with Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers!   I used some curly ribbons to attach the bag of fish to the can handles and attached a little Thank You Note from Landon!  So, I debated on what to use as a fishing pole for my cupcake toppers.  So I stuck with stuff I had at home…wire for jewelry making, skewers that I cut the sharp ends off of and some embroidery floss for the fishing line.


Using some jewelry making tools, I cut the wire into small pieces and curled them to create a hook.


I put the fishing pole together and then added either a Swedish Fish or a Sour Brite Crawler.  The hooks weren’t too sharp and I did the warn the parents before the cupcakes were given to the kids!  The kids really liked eating the worms and fish off of the fake hooks though!


My cupcakes were decorated to look like the edge of a pond or lake.  I even added some fish to the water on some of them.


I think the kids really enjoyed all of the fishing goodies!  I had a lot of fun making them, but I always enjoy making the kids birthday cakes or cupcakes.  And I really liked how the party favors turned out!


The Six Year Old had a great birthday this year!  He got lots of great gifts including a skate board with all of the protective gear, lots more Legos and a new set of golf clubs!!!  He’s such a wonderful kid (and so is Benjamin)!!!  It’s just really hard to believe that he is already six.  I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday!


Until next time, have a great day!!!

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