One Word for the New Year

Happy New Years Eve to everyone!  As I sit here and the final hours of 2014 wind down, I have been thinking about the upcoming year!   There is one word that keeps coming to my mind when I think about 2015!   My “One Word” for 2015 is:

One Word

Here is a small description of each of the things that I am determined to work on!

Smile:  I am determined to smile more.  I am going to think about the good things in life and know that my family gives me something to smile about every day!

Blogging:  I am determined to blog 2-4 times a week.  I love doing crafts and being creative, so there is no reason that I can’t blog about them when they are done.   I know that my blog doesn’t necessarily need to be about crafts.  It can be about what is happening with my family, about things that I am doing in the community, pretty much anything that I want to blog about!

A Sweet Berry Designs Portfolio:  I have slowly been working on my portfolio.  But I am determined that January 2015 is going to be a busy busy month worth of working on my portfolio.  I also plan to get it up online and get some stationery pieces done!

Getting my house organized:  Even though we have started working on getting the house organized while Bruce has been home for the week after Christmas, I am determined to get both of the boys rooms organized, as well as my bonus room that seems to be the catch all room.  My garage also needs to be organized.

Reading the Bible daily:  I am determined to read the Bible daily.  I not only want to read the Bible for myself, but I want to read the it daily with the kids.  

Journaling and Doodling:   Outside of working on my portfolio and blogging, I am determined to journal and doodle!  I love to doodle, so there is no reason I shouldn’t!  I’ve journaled in the past and it has helped me get my thoughts out.  

Spending more time with my husband:  I am determined to spend more alone time with my husband.  Just recently both of our children spent the night away on the same night.  The next morning, Bruce and I spend the morning drinking coffee together, eating breakfast together, watching a little television together and chatting.   There are not a lot of times like that, but it was great to just be with him.

Prioritize:  There are a lot of things that I want to do in 2015.  I am determined to prioritize those activities!

Stop being a yeller:  Unfortunately, I am a yeller.   I find myself yelling and it stresses me out and causes a major headache.  I am determined to be less of a yeller.

Volunteer more:  I am determined to volunteer more.  Even though I am in the Junior Woman’s Club of Raleigh and we have a minimum amount of hours that we are supposed to volunteer, I want to volunteer more and involve my kids more.  I also would like to volunteer in my Church more.

Be more present with my family:  I know that I am a technology dork.  I love it.  Between my MacBook, my iPad, my iPhone and my Kindle, I could spend all day on them.   But I am determined to put them away more and be more present with my family and spend less time with my electronics!

Get into Shape:  I am currently working out, but the holidays has put a damper on my motivation to work out.  But I am determined in 2015 to work out 5-6 days a week.  I want to work out 3 days with my friend Abby and 2-3 days of walking/running.  I know I can do it!   I also want to get rid of my high blood pressure medications in 2015.

Better eating habits for the whole family:  Even though I have been instructed by the doctor to cut down on my carbs and my sugars, I think my family could benefit from this as well.   I know my boys are growing and need more carbs than I do, I won’t cut them out of their diets as much as I will for my diet, but we could definitely stand to eat less!   We need to add more fruits and veggies to our diets.  Even though I am gluten free, I still tend to find carbs in the non-gluten foods.  So, more label reading, less processed and more fresh!!!!

Dance more:  I love dancing!  I am determined to dance more, even if it’s in my house!!!  It makes me happy!   And my kids love dance parties in the living room!  

My list could go on, but these are the things that I want to work on the most!  I am determined to be determined in 2015!!!!!    I am really looking forward to the New Year!  I’m starting my year off with a trip to Anaheim, CA for the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show and meeting up with one of my favorite people, Laura Kelly.  Unfortunately, I won’t be home to help celebrate my husbands 40th Birthday, but I truly appreciate that he is supportive of my adventures!  In April, I am attending SNAP blogging conference in Salt Lake City, Utah!  And there are lots of other things that will happen in 2015!  And I’ll be sure to share all of my adventures with you guys!

HAPPY 2015!!!

Peace and Love!



3 thoughts on “One Word for the New Year

  1. Yvette Williams

    Good Luck with all of your goals for 2015, I hope you are able to meet and surpass them all. If you figure out how to stop yelling please let me know. I can’t say that I have tried but I know that it stresses me out as well and not something I like about myself. I know it’s something I learned from my Mom. I know I don’t want to be her age and still yelling at my children or anyone else for that matter. Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2015! 🙂


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