Happy Easter banner

So, I have been wanting to make a banner, and so I finally started on one! And I am super excited about it. Using felt and some of Laura Kelly’s Bunny Hop Easter fabric for Doodling Licensing LLC, I appliquéd the Yonders Alphabet and the Bunny and Egg from Planet Applique on different colors of felt and then trimmed them up.



It took me a while to decide which way I wanted to cut them, weather I wanted inverted triangles or rectangles. I went with the rectangles for my first banner.


I doubled up on the felt rectangles just to hide the back of the appliqué and then I sewed them together. Next, I took a long piece of pink ribbon, folded it in half, ironed it flat and then sewed the rectangles between the folded ribbon.


After getting it done, I decided to add some embellishments. The buttons I used are Laura Kelly’s line by Buttons Galore & More! And I just embroidery floss to tie them on!


And now, for the final products:





I am really loving it! The boys like it too! 🙂 HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!

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