Patriotic Peeps Decorated Bag


Patriotic Peeps Decorated Bag

Another addition to my I Love the USA Blog Hop projects is a Patriotic Peeps Decorated Bag!


Materials used:

Canvas Bag

Laura Kelly’s Patriotic Peeps Fabric, available at JoAnns Stores

Heat’n Bond Ultrahold 


Fiskars Scissors

First, I ironed the Heat’n Bond Ultrahold to the back of the fabric.  I then cut out the Peeps and a few of the stars and pompoms and wands!  I also cut out strips from the fabric.


Once everything was cut out, I then lined it up on the canvas back, removed the backing of the Heat’n Bond and then ironed it to the bag!


This was a super simple project, but it turned out really really cute and I am currently using it to carry around some books and other things!  Oh, and I also attached my personalized bag tag that was made for me by Laura Kelly!


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