Peeps Hair Clips


Peeps Hair Clips

To go with my Patriotic Peeps Pillow Case Dress, I decided to make Peeps Hair Clips!  How stinkin’ cute are these?!?!


Materials need:

Laura Kelly’s Patriotic Fabric, available at JoAnn Stores

Coats & Clark Phoomph for Fabric

Hair Clips

Red Ribbon

Ad-Tech glue gun and glue stick

Fiskars Scissors

Until I received my box of goodies for the I Love the USA Blog Hop, I had never heard of Phoomph.  But this is some awesome stuff!

So, Phoomph is a double sided, fabric bonding sheet that creates a brand new way to craft with fabric.  There is no ironing needed.  I love this stuff!!!!


On one of my many trips to JoAnn’s, I picked up these hair clips.


I took the Phoomph and covered both sides with Laura Kelly’s Patriotic Peeps fabric and then cut out some of the Patriotic Peeps.


Next I covered the hair clips with ribbons, using hot glue.  Just make sure not to glue the clip sides together!!


Then, I hot glued the Phoomph’ed Peeps to the ribbon covered clips!



These were super easy and they turned out super cute!  The would look adorable with the matching Patriotic Peeps Pillow Case Dress!!

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