Me and My Peeps Blog Hop ~ Info


Yay!  So, I have been asked to participate in another blog hop!   This time, it’s the “Me and My Peeps Blog Hop”, put together by Laura Kelly of Laura Kelly Designs and Niki Meiner of 365 Days of Crafts!   And I can’t wait!  I’ve been thinking about what I plan to do!!!

Here’s what all was included in the Blog Hop package:


Me and My Peeps Family Decals from Plaid Enterpises

Laura Kelly Mix  Buttons from Buttons Galore & More

Colorful Polka Dotted Ribbon

Me and my Peeps Button

Laura Kelly is the creator of the Me and My Peeps Decal Collection.  You may have seen them on the back windows of cars, but they can truly be used on pretty much anything!  You can also find them at ACMoore!  Our goal is to create something fun from at least one of the decals and the buttons!

The actual Blog Hop is July 16-18, so be on the look out!!!

Also, Laura is so creative, she used Shrinky Dinks plastic to design a Peep for everyone participating in the Blog Hop!   She left them colorless so that everyone could color their own!!


Here’s me as a Peep!  Now, to color it!!!!


Until next time………..

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