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Halloween Popcorn Box Party 2017 – Colorful Crazy Alien

So, I’m here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada with a few of my crafty and fellow Kunin Dream Team Member friends!  We are staying at the beautiful Quartermain House Bed & Breakfast!

And it’s time for the Halloween Popcorn Box Party!!!!!  We are creating up a storm up here in Canada!  I created this super cute Colorful Crazy Alien with lots of googly eyes!!!

What I used:
Popcorn Box
Blue Craft Paint
Kunin Felt (pink and white)
Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes of different sizes
and oh yeah….Popcorn!!!  And Halloween Candy!!!

How I made it:

  1.  I painted the popcorn box with the blue craft paint.  I did two coats to insure that the you couldn’t see the red on the box!  I let it dry!
  2. I cut a mouth and teeth from felt and glued it on!
  3. I glued the eyes on the box.
  4. I poked holes in the side and stuck the pipe cleaners through and glued them in place.
  5. I glued googly eyes to the ends of the pipe cleaners.
  6. Then, I popped the popcorn, filled the box and added the candy!!!!

I took this awesome photo on a stump by the St. John’s river in Fredericton today!   It is beautiful here!

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Until next time……

Pikachu Popcorn Box

It’s time for Laura Kelly’s annual Popcorn Box Blog Hop!  Pokemon has been really popular in our house this year, especially with the release of the PokemonGo app.  My youngest son just had a Pokemon themed birthday party.  So, for this years blog hop, I thought I’d dress my popcorn box up as Pikachu!
Popcorn Box from Cost Plus World Market
Pikachu Ears and Tail PDF (I created the tail and ears pdf, so click the photo below to print your own!)
Yellow Paint (I used DecoArt Americana Sunny Days)
Paint Brush
Red, black and white scrap paper
Marker (I used a Tomboy Mono Twin Marker)
Glue (I used Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
First, you need to paint the popcorn box.  I did three layers to cover the red lines really good.  Once it was dry, I cut out the ears, tail, cheeks and eyes.   When everything was cut out, I glued everything to the box and then I had an adorable little Pikachu Popcorn Box!
I hope you enjoyed my Pikachu Popcorn Box!  It was super quick and easy!

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