Burlap Love Wreath

It’s February and the month of Love!  This Burlap Love Wreath makes me think of Love! wreath
Materials used:
A FloraCraft Foam Wreath
Burlap Ribbon
A 12×12 inch piece of burlap
Aleene’s Collage Pauge
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
A Tulip Paint Roller
Red Coats & Clark Embroidery Floss and Needle
White Buttons from Buttons Galore
Using Aleene’s Collage Pauge and water, I added 3/4 Collage Pauge to 1/4 water to a plastic container.  It’s the formula usually used for Paper Mache.  I wanted to stiffen the burlap a little and to help it to keep from unraveling.  Once I soaked all of my pieces, I let them dry. burlap
Using a Tulip Foam Roller and Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, I painted the 12×12 inch piece of burlap.  I then let that dry. painting
Once my paint dried, I cut out two hearts.  I basically folded the fabric in half, cutting two hearts at once.  Using Embroidery floss and a needle, I sewed the two hearts together, paint sides out.  Before I sewed the heart all the way, I stuffed it with some felt scraps that I had left over from another project.  Then, I closed up the heart by sewing all the way around. heart
Using the burlap ribbon, I wrapped it around the foam wreath and used embroidery floss to sew the end of the ribbon to the the beginning to hold it in place. burlapwrap
From the scraps of painted burlap, I cut out red circles.  Using the embroidery floss, I added the white buttons to the center of the red pieces and attached them to the burlap on the wreath.  I tied them off on the front adding just a little color to the white buttons. dotsandbuttons
This lovely wreath is now hanging on my front door!  And I LOVE that it reminds me of LOVE!!! wreath
I hope that your February is filled with lots of love!  And I hope that you like my Burlap Love Wreath!

Until next time……


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