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Mason Jar Lid Fabric Wreath

Yay!  It’s Craft Lightning time again!   And this one is Christmas and Holiday crafts!  Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year!  Especially now that I have kids!  This Mason Jar Lid Fabric Wreath could even be done with the kids! final
Green Fabric
Mason Jar Lid
Fiskars Scissors
Ad-tech Hot Glue Gun
Holly Berries (I got these from A.C. Moore)
The steps for this Mason Jar Lid Fabric Wreath are pretty easy!  And it only took about 15 minutes to do!
Step 1 – Cut your fabric into strips.  I just did a rough cut making the strips about 10 inches long and .75 – 1 inch wide.
Step 2 – Fold the pieces in half.
Step 3 – Place the folded strip under the lid.
Step 4 –  Feed the lose ends through the folded end and pull tight.
Step 5 – Trim your wreath to your liking!  I trimmed my wreath so that it wasn’t so big.
Step 6 – Remove the berries from the stem.
Sept 7 – Hot glue the berries onto the wreath!  Parents, do this if you are doing this project with the kids.

I added a piece of ribbon to hang it on the tree!
I hope you enjoyed my Mason Jar Lid Fabric Wreath!

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Until next time……

Halloween Wreath Re-do

So, I love the $1/$3 section at my local Target.   Every time I go into Target, I have to take a peek at what is there.  I don’t usually buy anything, but on occasion I can find something that I can use!

The wreath pictured below is one that I made a few years ago, using a styrofoam wreath, black tulle, some ribbons and a styrofoam “BOO” that I found in the $1 section at Target.  In the past few years of using this wreath, the styrofoam “BOO” has started to wear away.  So…….. old wreath

I just happened to walk through the $1/$3 section at Target the other day and saw some things I could use to spruce up my Halloween Wreath!   I found a wooden “BEWARE” and a witches broom.  Wondering how I was going to attached these new items to my wreath, I knew I had the materials to do that at home.

materials Wooden “Beware”, witches broom, garden wire, wire cutters, small screws and a screwdriver

Using my screwdriver, I screwed my two small screws into the back of the “BEWARE”.   I then cut my wire to size so that I could attached it to the word and then to the wreath.  I twisted the wire around the screws and then attached it to my wreath.


Using a piece of the gardening wire, I twisted it around the broom and then stuck the ends of the wire into the foam of the wreath. broom

Then, I hung it up and how the rest of the Halloween decorating begins!!!   Isn’t it cute?!?!?!

Halloween Wreath

Hope you like my Halloween Wreath Re-do, using items for the Target $1/$3 section!!!

Until next time…………