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Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop

A year ago, my friend Laura Kelly started this Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop and then decided to do it again this year. I was so excited to get my box of goodies to do this project! It’s so much fun and exciting to see what everyone comes up with! This year, I decided to make a Cat!


Items I used:
Popcorn Box
Black Felt from Kunin
Phoomph for Fabric from Coats & Clark
Tulip Soft Black Fabric Paint
Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint
Laura Kelly Buttons from Buttons Galore & More
Floral Wire
Paint Brush
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue

First, I painted my box using the Tulip Soft Black Fabric Paint. Yes, I know it’s fabric paint, but it still worked great on my box! I let it dry and then painted on another coat.
painted box
Next, I made my cats tail. I thought about this for a little while! I took a piece of floral wire and folded it in half and manipulated it to look a little like how a real cats tail would look. I placed black Phoomph onto some felt, placed the wire onto the Phoomph and then folded my felt in half. Then, I cut around the wire making the felt the same shape as the wire. Then i manipulated the wire with the felt again to make the tail curved.
Next was my cats ears. Again, I used black felt and Phoomph. I placed the Phoomph onto a black piece of felt. When I folded the felt over, I made sure that it didn’t completely cover the Phoomph because I knew that I wanted to use the exposed part of the Phoomph to attach the ears to the popcorn box. I used the orange Scribbles Fabric Paint to make the inside of the cats ears.
Using Laura Kelly’s buttons, I fold some orange, yellow and black beads to use for the eye and then an orange one to use for the nose. Using Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue, I attached them to the box.
Using the end of the wire from the tail, I inserted it into the back of the box and bent it upward helping it stay in place. I then used the Aleene’s tacky glue to glue the tail in place, to give it an extra hold.
Glue tail and dry
Once everything was dry, I used White Scribbles Fabric Paint to create the mouth and the whiskers of my cat!
And then he was complete!
I hope you liked my Halloween Cat Popcorn Box!
Until next time…….
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Halloween Popcorn Blog Hop

Halloween is just around the corner and will be here before we know it!

My friend, Laura Kelly put together this cute and creative blog hop, sending out an envelope of goodies which included a popcorn box and some embellishments to go with it.  package
In our directions for this blog hop, it said:

“The objective is to create in whatever way you like best with whatever products you like to feature and simply be a part of something fun…something that connects your passion to those passions of others.”

So, with that being said, I decided to use some things I had lying around in my craft area.


I decided to make a Frankenstein Popcorn Box!

Materials used:

The Popcorn box, provided by Laura

Black Buttons from Laura Kelly’s mix buttons from Buttons Galore & More

Apple Barrel Spring Green Acrylic Paint by Plaid

Googly eyes

Black felt, purchased from JoAnn Stores

Beacon’s 527 Multi-use Glue

Mini Glue Dots

Fiskars Scissors

Black Sharpie Marker

a paint brush


1.  I painted the popcorn box green.  I did three coats (letting it dry between coats) to make sure everything on the box was covered up.

2.   I cut two strips from the black felt and then cut triangles out of one side of the strips to make it look like hair.  Then I glued it on to the top of the box using the Beacon’s 527 multi-use glue.


3.  Using glue dots, I glued the black buttons together to make them look like bolts.   I used about 6 small buttons and three larger ones for the bolt heads.  I then used glue dots to attach the bolts to the sides of the box.


4. Using a black Sharpie marker, I drew on the mouth and the stitches.

5.  Then I glued the googly eyes on.

Super easy and so much fun!   And he got filled with yummy goodness of popcorn, marshmallows and Pumpkin Spice flavored Hershey kisses!   🙂


My children love Halloween just as much as I do!  And they love popcorn too!   So when I got to making my Halloween Popcorn Box for this blog hop, they were loving it!   And since I only made one, I now have to go buy the contents to make another one, unless Laura has any extra boxes lying around!!!!  🙂

This past week, Laura sent out a special little thanks for being a part of this blog hop!   She is super sweet!     Thanks my friend!  🙂


There were quite a few other blog hoppers that joined in on this blog hop, so hop over to Laura Kelly’s blog to check out the rest of the participants!!  A special thanks to Cre8time for supporting the Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop!  And to Laura Kelly for allowing me the chance to participate!

Be sure to click on the picture below for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Disney (park, store, or online)!!PopcornBlogHopPrize

I hope you like my Frankenstein Popcorn Box!  I’d love to hear what you think in my comments section!!

And until next time……


Halloween Blog Hop Preview!

Halloween is just around the corner.

What’s more fun than getting in the spirit than a Halloween Blog Hop?!?!


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so when Laura Kelly asked me to join this blog hop, I quickly agreed!

My package arrived and inside was a Popcorn Box and some other craft materials!


The object of this blog hop is to decorate the popcorn box however we want to with any medium that we want!

So, check back on September 30th to see what I came up with!   And feel free to hop along to the other participants pages!  🙂

And oh yeah, once the Blog Hop starts, enter the giveaway, with the chance to win a $100 Disney gift card!

Happy Fall Everyone!



Me and My Peeps Blog Hop


I feel so honored to have been chosen to participate in the Me and My Peeps Blog Hop!  While a few sponsors helped support this blog hop, two ladies, my friend Laura Kelly and a fellow blogger Niki Meiners from 365 Days of Crafts were gracious enough to put this blog hop together.

So, a package arrived with lots of goodies…..a great selection of Me and My Peeps Decals, brightly colored ribbon and some buttons!!


Me and My Peeps Little Boy Frames

For my project, I made these awesome frames that were created for each of my boys!!

Picture frames

Materials used:

2 Me and My Peeps Little Boy Decals from Plaid Enterprises, available at A.C. Moore

Wooden frames, purchased at JoAnn’s Store

Wooden letters, purchased at JoAnn’s Store


Laura Kelly Mix of Buttons from Buttons Galore & More

Blue Krylon paint

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

What I did:

1.  I took the glass out of the frames and then spray painted the frames with Krylon spray paint.  I also spray painted the wooden letters.



While doing my spray painting, I realized that I need a little more practice on spray painting!  I got some bubbles in the paint.  But oh well, I made it work!

2.   I covered the letters with the awesome Laura Kelly Mix of buttons using hot glue.


3.  I then transferred the Peep decal onto a blue piece of card stock that was very similar to the spray paint and then cut them out.





4.  I cut some pieces of burlap and attached them to the frames with hot glue.     I then attached the button covered letters and the Little Boy Peeps to the frames using hot glue!


IMG_7970After a critique from a friend, in the end, I ended up adding burlap to all four sides.  And this is how it turned out!!!

Picture frames

I love these frames and they are currently sitting in my family room!

Special thanks to our Sponsors and Promoting Partners

Laura Kelly Designs + Niki Meiners + Laura Kelly Buttons + Plaid Enterprises + A.C. Moore + Cre8time

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